The KTB Kids Team


KTB Kids Nursery Owner – Katie

Being a mum of three, Katie developed KTB Kids from a passion to provide exceptional standards of nursery care. A director of an established successful Physiotherapy business, the interest in this new industry was born after experiencing first-hand the anxiety of searching for appropriate childcare services. Katie’s eldest child was born in 2010 with a genetic disorder and a serious heart condition.

Being the mum of a child with complex medical needs and global developmental delay opened the door to a range of new complex challenges. In 2012 when Benjamin’s brother was born, the reality of juggling the demands of two children was realised. Stimulating an active, boisterous toddler, caring for a disabled child, and managing the growing demands of a business led to the reality of a need to find a suitable childcare solution.

Following a period of extensive research the idea for the KTB Kids nursery was developed. Katie works closely with the management team to ensure the strong ethos of the nursery is upheld. Katie is the active director for both KTB Rehabilitation and KTB Kids. With the boys at school, her youngest child Bonnie-Jean attends the nursery with her on a daily basis.


KTB Kids Manager – Hayley

Hayley joined KTB Kids as manager in April 2014. With extensive academic knowledge of the early year’s framework within the EYFS and five years of practical experience as ‘early year’s manager’ within an Ofsted rated outstanding preschool, Hayley leads by expert example in all areas of care and education for each child attending the nursery.

Following the completion of a BA degree in early childhood studies, Hayley went on to complete a further degree in early years, achieving early year’s professional status in 2010. Alongside her graduate knowledge Hayley brings a breath of additional training and experience to KTB Kids. In March 2016 Hayley gave birth to her first child, her daughter now attends the nursery with her full time. Hayley is based predominantly in the preschool area of the nursery but supports the team as a whole. Hayley is the settings designated person for safeguarding.

Alongside Naomi, Hayley makes sure that the planning for weekly activities reflects each child’s unique needs. Hayley provides support and guidance for all staff in their key person role within the nursery and promotes each practitioners career and professional development through regular supervision. Hayley is a well-respected and solid manager for KTB Kids.


KTB Kids Early Years Deputy – Naomi

Naomi joined KTB Kids in July 2014 as a level III educator with 4 years’ of experience working in an outstanding preschool in Dartford and as a mum. Naomi was promoted to baby room lead in December 2014 but left our nursery in August 2015 for a new career in the City. Soon realising that this was not the career for her she interviewed to return to our nursery for the early year’s maternity position to cover Hayley.

We were delighted to welcome Naomi back in December 2015 where she completed 8 months as our early year’s manager. In this time Naomi built respect from the team and parents, and was a strong role model with her passion for working with children shining through. Naomi brings a mature, reflective approach to her role supporting the team in achieving the best outcomes for all children attending.

Following the return of Hayley to the nursery from her maternity leave, Naomi now works closely alongside Hayley as the setting deputy and is the lead for under two’s. Naomi is the settings special educational needs co-ordinator making sure that every child reaches their full potential and accessing additional support if necessary. Naomi has her paediatric first aid training.


Nursery Housekeeper – Mrs Murphy

Mrs Murphy joined KTB Kids in October 2014 as our nursery housekeeper. Bringing her experience of raising a family and working in a range of commercial kitchens, Mrs Murphy produces home cooked meals, healthy snacks and home baking to feed our hungry, growing children. Gaining enormous satisfaction from leading weekly cooking classes with all the children attending, Mrs Murphy enjoys watching the children’s delight in helping to create their own sweet treat, snack or meal from basic ingredients.

A well respected and popular member of our team by colleagues and children alike, Mrs Murphy not only keeps our kitchen compliant to the stringent health and safety law, but ensures our family values are respected and embedded into daily routine throughout the nursery.

Practitioners for the under two’s


Baby Room Level III Educator– Sarah

Sarah joined KTB Kids in January 2015. Sarah’s industry experience includes working alongside a registered child-minder through which she gained her level II qualification. Sarah completed her level III qualification working at KTB Kids. Sarah works with the under 2 year olds where she has gained the trust of parents, and respect from colleagues.

Sarah is a mature and confident nursery educator who soon eases the minds of anxious parents. Her genuine care for the children is evident and she shows a strong capability to work with the individual babies likes to create motivating, stimulating activities throughout the day. Sarah utilises all elements of the nursery, being particularly fond of the interactive zone where she can share stories with the children and using the block play resources to create imaginative worlds for the children to explore. Sarah has her food hygiene, first aid qualification and specialised baby room training.

Baby Room Level III Educator – Leanne

Leanne joined KTB Kids in March 2017 as an experienced nursery educator having worked within a Reggio Emilia inspired nursery closer to London.

Leanne has a genuine passion for working with our youngest children and is sensitive and creative in meeting each child’s individual needs. Working closely with parents, Leanne provides the babies with inspiring learning opportunities that are based around their likes, motivations and developmental stage. Leanne is first aid trained and has attended specific training for working with under two’s.

Baby Room Training Educator – Marilyn

Marilyn is a mature, kind and genuine individual. A Montessori teacher in Sri Lanka, foster carer for Kent and loving mother she is committed to support and educate young children of all ages and backgrounds.

Marilyn has a diploma in the Montessori method of education and diploma in child psychology and child development attained in Sri Lanka and is currently studying towards her level III early years educator diploma. Marilyn has her paediatric first aid qualification.

Marilyn works in the baby room at KTB Kids creating engaging sensory and creative activities for the youngest children attending our nursery.

Practitioners for the over two’s


Development Zone Level III Educator – Hannah

Hannah joined KTB Kids in October 2014. Hannah trained for her level III childcare GNVQ in Spain in 2010, gaining practical experience working for 3 years as a classroom teaching assistant. Hannah then became a live in au pair for a family with twins from the age of 10 months to 3 years. Hannah traveled with this family to Germany and then back to the UK where they settled in Dorset.

After moving back to Kent Hannah gained nursery experience in a setting in Greenwich before joining KTB Kids. Hannah’s friendly, positive and kind persona works well in our development zone where she can utilize her wealth of experience to explore varied fun and academic activities with the children.

Hannah is currently on maternity leave after giving birth to her son in December 2017, we hope to welcome her back in 2018.


Development Zone Level III Educator – Emma

Emma joined KTB Kids in July 2014 with over five years nursery educator experience at a private nursery in Hildenborough. Emma has paediatric first aid training, safeguarding and food hygiene alongside her level III qualification. In 2016 Emma had a break from KTB Kids whilst she enjoyed her maternity leave after giving birth to her daughter. Emma returned to KTB Kids in October 2017 as a senior practitioner working as in the development zone working with our 2 and 3 year olds.

Emma’s caring personality and dedication to ensuring that children’s unique needs are met ensures that the children at the nursery receive the very best start in development and learning opportunities whilst always feeling secure.


Development Zone Level II Educator – Linda

Linda joined KTB Kids in October 2014 following a career change from the postal service where she worked for 14 years. Following the birth of her son in 2012 Linda developed a new interest and passion in children’s development and an enjoyment for participating in messy and creative play.

Linda is an energetic, creative educator who works with the children developing their interests and creating exciting activities that will stretch their imagination and challenge their young minds. Linda is based within the developmental zones in our nursery where her fun, outgoing personality can stimulate the mixed age group children. Linda works term time only and is paediatric first aid trained.

Development Zone Apprentice – Melanie

Melanie joined KTB Kids in March 2017 to pursue her career aspirations of working with children having previously worked within designer fashion in management positions. Melanie is a creative individual having worked in her own business sculpting designs from wood.

Melanie brings this creativity into our nursery where she works enthusiastically with the 2 and 3 year old’s in our development zone. Melanie is working towards her level III early years educator NVQ and is paediatric first aid trained.

Preschool Apprentice – Paige

Paige joined KTB kids in June 2017 passionate about working in early years. With strong GCSE and A level grades, Paige chose a work placement route to begin her career pathway. We were delighted to be able to offer Paige an opportunity to complete her level III early years educator apprenticeship within our nursery.

Paige is very creative with A level’s in photography and product design and brings her creative ideas into preschool where she will be working closely with the setting manager Hayley. Paige also has her paediatric first aid training and food hygiene level 2.

Preschool Apprentice – Louise

Louise joined KTB Kids in April 2017 to follow her heart to work with children. A straight A student through her GCSE’s and A levels, she was encouraged to go to university to study languages but she made the heartfelt decision to defer her university course to embark upon an apprenticeship program in early years.

Louise is dedicated to give young children the best possible learning opportunities through inspiring play based activities, Louise is based in the preschool classroom and is working towards her level III early years educator NVQ. Louise is paediatric first aid trained.