Author: Billy Szkoda

Promoting Health in Children

Bringing up children in today’s modern world requires a different approach to previous generations. The world around us is changing and so is our lifestyle. Life is more rushed and competitive, whilst play is more sedentary than ever before. Being

Supporting Children In The 21st Century

We are currently living in unprecedented times. Our normal, modern, fast paced and materialistic life has slowed dramatically. We now have the opportunity to realise the importance of the simpler things in life; giving us the capacity to feel, think

Heuristic play – supporting scientific exploration for very young children

Eureka “A cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something” The word Heuristic comes from the word ‘eureka’ and means helping to find out or discover; proceeding by trial and error. Heuristic play, a term created by

How does mindfulness let staff and children hop, skip and jump into nursery every day?

The car broke down, your partner forgot to take care of a urgent errand, the kids left their lunchboxes at home and you can’t find the letter to call the doctor back.And then, you go into work and your day

Mindfulness in a nursery – creating calm, not joining the chaos

We all bring our lives to work sometimes – the stress, the anxiety, worry and often bad mood too, but what if your ‘office’ is a room full of babies and toddlers, looking to you as their role model for

When do I wean my baby and how do I do it?

Weaning is a big moment for both parents and baby. Their first solid food is often as memorable as their first word, first steps or first haircut, but it can be worrying for parents. There is so much conflicting information

Is my child ready for potty training and how do I do it?

Thinking about ditching the nappies? It’s a massive step for such small feet, but KTB has been supporting families with potty training since 2014. Before your little one reaches for their big boy or girl pants, you might want to

Yoga for children: How yoga can help today’s busy children to relax, unwind, build confidence and look after their bodies.

Yoga isn’t just for adults – it’s great for children too, especially in today’s fast-paced world. As parents and educators, we want our children to act and behave with mindfulness, compassion, respect, to be brave, to know love and happiness

Don’t help your child create a beautiful, neat and tidy card – let them make a real mess…they’ll get more out of it.

We all do things differently’ – it’s said the world over and it’s so true, especially of children, who, because it’s all new, ‘invent’ new ways to approach things.If you watch two children with the same task, or the same

Why does my child want to climb all the time? The on top schema explained

Is your child always climbing all over the furniture? Do they enjoy walking along beams? Do they love to balance things on their head? If you have answered yes to one or more of these statements, then you have a