Category: Using children’s schemas to support learning

What is a schema? What do your child’s favourite games and toys say about them?

Have you ever noticed your child doing the same things over and over again? Throwing food off the high chair, pressing a button on a toy so it does a really annoying sound repetitively?! Some insist on putting the same

Why does my child want to climb all the time? The on top schema explained

Is your child always climbing all over the furniture? Do they enjoy walking along beams? Do they love to balance things on their head? If you have answered yes to one or more of these statements, then you have a

Why does my child empty all their toys on the floor? The scatterer schema explained

Do you find yourself constantly following your child around asking them to pick up box after box of toys they have emptied onto the floor? Then you’re probably raising a scatterer! Scatterers love nothing more than scattering EVERYTHING around them.

Why does my child like building dens and playing in tents? The encloser schema explained

Does your child like making enclosures for their toys? Do they create fences made from blocks or cardboard? Then your child is likely to be exploring their enclosing schema. Children with enclosing schemas love containing themselves and other objects, but

Why does my child like to cover, camouflage and hide? The enveloping schema explained

Does your child loves dressing-up in layer upon layer of clothing? Or do they completely cover their hands in paint? Put their belongings in boxes and blankets? If any of this sounds familiar, then your child is likely to be

Why does my child want to take everything apart? The connector schema explained.

Some kids love putting things together while others love pulling them apart. Both habits may mean your child has a connecting schema – a fascination with the way things work and interact. If your child is obsessed with building towers,

Why does my child move things around all the time? The transporter schema explained

Is your child always carrying toys from one place to another? Is their dolls’ pram always full of teddies or their bags full of bricks? If so, then your child is exploring their transportation schema. Children who have transportation schemas

Why does my child like to throw things? The trajectory schema explained

Does your baby repeatedly drop their food from their highchair or throw things out of their pram? Or does your pre-schooler love lining up all their toys up in neat little rows, or making and throwing paper aeroplanes? If the

Why does my child like to spin in circles? The rotational schema explained

Have you ever noticed your child turning over cars to play with the wheels, or spinning themselves round and round? Don’t worry – your child is just displaying a rotational schema! Children with this schema love items that roll, that