Employee enrichment & professional development

Engaged employees are in the game for the sake of the game; they believe in the cause of the organisation

Paul Marciano

At KTB Kids we recognise that supporting the personal and professional development of our team is essential to maintaining our exceptional standards of early years education.  

Our team are our greatest asset, and we are committed to ensure that they are motivated and engaged. Our leadership offers transparency, support and a united approach to our authentic vision and goals for the setting. We strive to unleash individual potential and to encourage our educators to be innovative in how they work. We promote a structure within the nursery where layers of management are minimised, instead encouraging joint responsibility where every individual is recognised as competent and capable. At KTB Kids we have a genuine concern for the quality of our employees’ lives, and we have invested in mindfulness coaching to materially affect the culture and behaviours of our nursery since 2018. We strive for a positive culture of psychological safety within our team and beyond this we are committed to embedding a meaningful equity, diversity, and inclusion strategy. We believe that these values underpin all aspects of our curriculum delivery and have a positive impact on the care that we provide for our children every day.  

Our staff development at KTB Kids extends beyond mandatory core update training that includes safeguarding, health and safety, first aid and inclusion, in addition we offer regular coaching, on-the-job mentoring and supervision, social team building days and participation in specific CPD programmes. 

Our nursery closes for two training days per year and are referred to in our terms and conditions. These interactive whole team enriching, inspiring and motivating sessions allow us to deliver high quality professional training to ensure continuous improvement of practice that enhances our unique provision. We source training from genuine experts, for example, commissioning Pete Moorhouse,  early years creative consultant and artist educator, to design and deliver bespoke one day training programmes to our team with a focus on encouraging creative and critical thinking in young children. It is in the interests of the nursery, the children, families, and the individual, that each staff member is given the opportunity to develop their skills and to broaden their knowledge and skills in early years provision. A commitment to an employee enrichment culture alongside a professional development programme ensures that our team feel supported and can thrive, enabling our children to reach their unique potential and to become independent, confident, and emotionally intelligent individuals.

Next Professional Development Day: Thursday 14th October with Pete Moorhouse Encouraging creative and critical thinking in young children.

KTB Practically Mindful Sessions: Take place the second Thursday of every month at 20:00. With Dr Nick Buckley.