Active Play

Children are born into a world of technology. This world provides an overload of cognitive stimulation, and has created an environment where children are less and less inclined to engage in physical activity. Keeping the body active is fundamental to healthy living. Children need time to play. Guidelines from the National Association for Sport and Activity suggest toddlers and preschoolers should engage in two hours of physical activity and active play every day, and that no child should be inactive for more than one hour at a time (unless, of course, they are sleeping). The indoor environment at KTB Kids is conducive to physical play.  Children learn best when their whole bodies and minds are stimulated, and being active does just that. Through active play, children use their imaginations while developing physical and emotional strength. Children at KTB Kids are encouraged to be active and to interact, to take risks and gain confidence and independence that will serve them through life. The soft play area within the nursery promotes children’s physical development, especially their gross motor skills, through activities such as obstacle courses, building large block towers and recreating drama scenes such as ‘going on a bear hunt’ and ‘the three little pigs’. Physical strength, co-ordination and balance are developed as the children slide, tip, spin, swing, rock, tilt, fall, jump, bounce and run with the specialist play equipment within the nursery.

physical playAs an extension to indoor physical play at KTB Kids the children all enjoy a daily ‘outside adventure’ whereby they go on a trip to the local playground and fields. This gives a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the richness of the outdoor environment to support physical development.