Baby Room


Emotional and physical nourishment, sensory stimulation and sleep are more important in babyhood than at any other time. At KTB Kids we have a dedicated sleep room with proper cots and cot beds to ensure that our babies get quality undisturbed sleep throughout the day whenever they need it. The sleep room is supervised continuously whenever a child is sleeping. The baby room itself is a dedicated no shoe zone divided into 4 zones which help to stimulate the youngest children attending our nursery. The baby active zone is a large carpeted area where soft play equipment can be utilised to encourage rolling and crawling, climbing and encouraging those first steps. The sensory zone has our bubble tube and fibre optics with mirrored background and accessories to develop young children’s senses and early exploration.



baby room 1



water play babies



The baby interactive zone is a cosy canopy with a range of baby friendly books and musical instruments. Finally the baby discovery zone is a small activity panelled ‘house’ which is set out to encourage fine and gross motor activity as well as social interaction. Focussed activities including stacking and building and threading are also set out in this area. In the baby room messy play is available daily. Here babies and toddlers are exposed to a range of sensory tactile experiences. For our under two’s our messy play activities predominantly involve foods as babies learn about the world around them through their mouths. Using food stuffs therefore makes the activities safe. All paint and playdoh used in this zone are made on site, where possible within our classroom by the elder children. Our warm and relaxed baby room practitioners interact with the babies and toddlers to ensure all their senses are stimulated. They are responsive to individual needs but also make the time to sit back and enjoy the children.