How does your Reggio Emilia inspiration support children during COVID-19?

When visitors come into our nursery they often comment on the atmosphere of calm, the happiness of children and the high engagement levels throughout the nursery. This is due to our carefully considered approach to providing early years care. We offer child led learning and care and through our bespoke curriculum we nurture children’s independence and confidence. Our children are given greater freedoms and responsibilities, and this encourages them to take responsibility for their actions and be considerate for others. Our children establish greater self-awareness and self-control. We have observed that our children readily comply with the changes expected of them such as increased hand washing, and other measures as necessary and have shown great resilience during periods of lockdown. Whatever the future holds, our children’s happiness and safety will always be our priority. We are reassured that our approach to early years education will help children and our team to cope in these extraordinary times.