How will you ensure that the toys are clean for the children to play with?

Maintaining higher infection control throughout the nursery easily becomes part of our routine. We have always advocated that a few quality resources offer far more value than many disorganised resources and we have now implemented a stricter rotation of resources that are freely available to the children to allow for deeper cleaning and sterilisation for example of our role play props, blocks, loose parts and other toys and resources. We have also made changes to remove learning experiences involving materials which are not easily washable such as play-dough and sand replacing these with suitable alternatives. Our educators support children to tidy resources throughout the day with everything having a designated basket or space on a shelf at child level. We have extended this to incorporate wiping clean resources as they are put away after a session. We have generous adult to child ratio and so this will not detract from the care that a child receives but will model positive approach to hygiene standards that are important to keep children safe.