My child is new to the nursery, I am worried that as I am unable to come into the nursery they will not settle, how flexible are you with this?

We understand that your child’s first day at nursery is a big occasion and that it can be upsetting for both you and your child. Our settling policy has always advocated that you positively say goodbye to your child, explaining that you’re about to go and you’ll be back to pick them up when nursery is over, this allows our educators to build a bond with your child from the beginning. We will then take over and will set up activities that through prior discussion with you we know they will enjoy. We are confident that children will continue to settle well into our nursery even of parents do not come into nursery however, if we feel a different approach is required then we will use a separate room where the key educator, a parent and the child can play together before we say goodbye and go into the nursery.