Will you still take children on daily trips into the community?

We have a large open plan indoor environment, and this means that even with grouping, children will have room to play and exert themselves physically. We also have many windows allowing for fresh flow of natural ventilation. However outside play is still important and daily outings will continue to be individually risk assessed and safety of the children will always be our priority. During COVID-19 we will not take children to inside spaces as part of their daily outings, including the library, shopping centre or larger shops. We will change our walking route to ensure we take quiet pathways and we will go to quiet open spaces within Dartford park that we will mark out with cones enabling the children to run and play freely without being exposed to other people outside of our organisation. We will not use public toilets or public playgrounds at this time. We will not take children on public transport as part of the trips during COVID-19.  We will keep to consistent small groups for all outings maintaining staff: children ratio.