Feedback From Parents

“KTB Kids is like Dartford’s best kept secret! My child loves the nursery, and all the staff, as do I! The atmosphere is always friendly and management are very approachable and accommodating. I am so pleased to have found this wonderful place and would strongly recommend it to anyone.”

Parent, June 2017

Honest feedback has been instrumental in developing KTB Kids day nursery and ensuring that parents are at the heart of decision making to shape practice has been the key to its growth. It is because of an acknowledgement that strong parent partnerships underpin a successful nursery that management genuinely care about what the parents think of the services provided. Whilst you can be immensely proud of the nursery, it is important to acknowledge that this does not mean it is perfect, management recognize that it is a dedicated commitment to regular audit processes to achieve excellence that drives the company forward and ultimately keeps the children consistently happy, safe and learning.

In order to gain parent feedback, educators gain a good relationship with parents, providing detailed, honest handovers at the end of every day, enabling feedback to be easily passed on, and responded to without any delay. Management have an open door policy, and are available from opening to close, to talk with parents face to face, either formally or informally, and feedback questionnaires are completed and audited annually.

Parents speak positively about the nursery, and new registrations are often as a result of recommendations, enabling organic growth which can be controlled and managed well.

KTB Kids are recommended on the website You can read up to date reviews from our parents via this link:

“Our daughter enjoys the nursery so much that she almost pushes me to hurry to go to nursery. That gives immense satisfaction to us (parents) when we leave her in the nursery every morning, knowing that she is in safe hands and going to enjoy her day spending time with her friends and carers. Our daughter has achieved good growth (mentally, physically and socially) and KTB nursery has played a huge part in that. My husband and I don’t have enough words to show our gratitude. We thank you and your team for everything”.

Parent, April 2017