Resources For Parents

Guides For Consistency

At KTB Kids we understand that consistency is extremely important for children. That is why we have put together a collection of documents that collectively we call our ‘guides for consistency at KTB Kids’. These guides were put together to share with parents and guardians. We recognise that when each nursery practitioner within our setting is working to the same guidelines, the children quickly understand what is expected of them and can conform to the preferred or expected behaviour. If this consistency is extended into the home environment we think that it can only support the child further. This also helps families gain the most benefit from their child attending our nursery.  The guides have been put together by our nursery team, who together have a wealth of practical and academic industry knowledge. We do understand that for each topic many discussions could be had about alternative approaches, each with their own valuable argument.  We are confident though in the approaches that we use, and we have found that in practice for the situation and environment that we have; they work the best.

The guides that we have available are:

KTB Kids Nutrition Policy

Guide for consistency – Potty training

Guide for consistency – Weaning

Keep Children Safe Online Leaflet

EYFS Parents Guide

Important milestones in child development poster

KKTB Kids School Readiness Handbook

KTB Kids Guide to emotion coaching

KTB Kids ‘Let’s’ curriculum guide