Food Provenance

Food Provenance at KTB Kids

If you care about the food your child eats, and by choosing our nursery clearly you do, then you probably have an interest in food provenance. Food provenance means knowing the root of where your food has come from and knowing how the food was produced, transported and delivered to us. At KTB Kids we are conscious of only buying produce when we can be confident that it is coming from a trustworthy source; a source that adheres to ethical, sustainable practices. We recognise that some food may only be available when passing through multiple channels, often across numerous countries, and that this can be beneficial for everyone including the end customer – for examples bananas coming from Colombia. However, wherever possible if a crop or product is produced in Kent, we like to support that grower. Below are some examples of this from within our nursery:

Kent Apples & Pears from ‘AC Goatham & Son, Kent’

After nearly seventy years and three generations, AC Goatham & Son are proudly part of the Hoo Peninsula, Medway towns and Kent community. They have been growing exceptional British apples and pears since 1947 and as direct suppliers to Sainsbury’s, our children enjoy their fruit in our nursery throughout the season.

Kent Strawberries from G Charlton & Sons

G Charlton & Sons is a fourth generation, family owned farming business headed up by Sean Charlton, great grandson of the founder, George Charlton. Sean and his family specialise in growing both top fruit and soft fruit, in particular strawberries. The Kent based business operates across nine sites located within a five mile radius of Langley, Maidstone. With over 110 acres of land solely dedicated to growing strawberries the family produce an impressive haul of around 2000 tons of the fruit per annum. As regular suppliers to Sainsbury’s, in the summer months our children enjoy their delicious strawberries.

Kent Tomatoes, Peppers and Cucumbers from Thanet Earth

In season, the cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers that we buy for the children are grown and packed in Kent, from a grower with an excellent environmental record Thanet Earth. At this farm today’s technology meets traditional horticultural expertise. Their five vast greenhouses in which they grow the crops serve as a power station too, generating electricity for the National Grid. The plants are kept warm by making use of the waste heat from their cutting edge Combined Heat & Power technology which also provides them with the extra CO2 the plants need to grow to their potential. This means that our produce doesn’t just taste delicious, it has a very low carbon footprint too.

Organic Milk from Bore Place Farm, Edenbridge

The dairy farm at Bore Place is certified organic by the Soil Association, the certifying body for organic standards in the UK. Their cows enjoy high standards of welfare and are fed high quality organic forage and have fewer antibiotics. The animals are given plenty of space and fresh air to thrive and grow – a truly free-range life. Bore farm are suppliers to the Kent Dairy Company, a proud, family run, wholesale dairy delivery company, who collect from the farms and deliver to the Pensworth bottling dairy in Hampshire, before distributing throughout Kent.