Healthy Eating

KTB Kids is committed to endorsing ethical and environmentally sustainable food, championing local food producers and making healthy eating easy. When preparing meals for the children in our care we source whole foods in their natural state avoiding all processed foods. By cooking all our meals from scratch we can control exactly what is going into it, including the amount of added salt or sugar. Parents can be reassured that all our food is free from controversial additives, trans-fats and genetically modified ingredients and that we only purchase food from suppliers that exceed UK welfare standards. At KTB Kids we incorporate organic ingredients into every meal and specifically where available all dairy and meat products are organic.

We have achieved the highest award in catering through the Soil Association Food for Life Partnership. Through extensive formal annual audit from the Soil Association of our food receipts, disclaimers from suppliers, menus, recipes and kitchen inspections, we are able to provide solid evidence that over 90% of all meals are freshly prepared from scratch and that over 35% of our food spend is on organic ingredients. We are proud to have successfully met the criteria for the Gold award for the past 2 years and to hold a current Food for Life Gold certificate for our internal catering.

Our menus are based on a 16-week program where we incorporate seasonal produce with traditional dishes from around the world to further enhance the children’s understanding of a greater environment. Babies move from formula or EBM to simple purees or blended home cooked food and finally to chunky food prepared from the main menu. Meal and snack times are sociable, relaxed, happy occasions. The KTB Kids nursery practitioners will encourage conversation and good manners whilst supporting children to make healthy choices. Meal and snack times are set each day and all children from the nursery of all ages are encouraged to come together at these times. Fresh drinking water is available to all children throughout the day and also at mealtimes.

We believe that with young children growing up in a world of convenience, fast pace and too many environmental and individual stresses, it is responsible to consider how making simple changes to menu planning and purchasing can have the potential to positively affect the health and well-being of the whole family. At KTB Kids we have published our own book ‘healthy eating made easy’. In this book key controversial topics in food production are explored, purchasing advice is given and over one hundred detailed recipes that support healthy ethical eating are clearly outlined with images. This book is available to parents to purchase upon request but to browse at any time.