KTB Kids Family Dining Cookbook

Cooking fresh, healthy food you can trust

Dishes made with ethical & environmentally sustainable ingredients that support British food producers.

We believe that with young children growing up in a world of convenience, fast pace and too many environmental and individual stresses, it is responsible to consider how making simple changes to menu planning and purchasing can have the potential to positively affect the health and well-being of the whole family. At KTB Kids we have published our own book ‘healthy eating made easy’. In this book key controversial topics in food production are explored, purchasing advice is given and over one hundred detailed recipes that support healthy ethical eating are clearly outlined with images. By following the guidelines outlined in this book and incorporating the recipes into everyday cooking, the conscientious home cook will be reassured that:

• Meals are freshly prepared from predominantly unprocessed ingredients.
• Food is free from controversial additives, trans-fats and genetically modified ingredients.
• Food exceeds UK welfare standards.
• Meals incorporate organic ingredients. Specifically where available all dairy is Organic and meat products are RSPCA Assured approved or Organic.
• British and where possible local food producers are supported.

This publication is divided into seven sections:

1. Introduction to healthy eating
2. Cooking with fresh vegetables
3. Cooking with fish
4. Cooking with chicken
5. Cooking with pork
6. Cooking with beef and lamb
7. Puddings and baking

In each section recommendations for purchasing are given and detailed recipes with images of favourite family dishes are described. Seasoning with salt is omitted from every recipe, being replaced by fresh herbs and spices and quality ingredients. Processed products where possible are replaced by combining basic cooking techniques with simple fresh ingredients.

This book has been produced to inspire the reader to make a lasting and sustainable change to the way they think about food, the environment and their health. It supports families that want to serve fresh food that they can trust.