KTB Team – Debbie

  • Preschool Educator
  • Senior Level III Educator

Debbie’s first experience of early years was volunteering at a preschool with her eldest son. Inspired by how much more than ‘play’ is involved, she took the time to understand why things were done, and when she was offered a job, she jumped at the opportunity.

She was being paid for something that was more of a passion. Debbie has been in early years since 2001, although she did spend one year in a primary school supporting a child with additional needs.

Debbie is passionate about developing her skills to be able to give as much as possible to the children in her care. She has a particular love for child led care and the opportunities this creates, and this is what brought her to KTB Kids in July 2019.

Debbie understands that in the moment planning simply brings about better outcomes for children, who are naturally happier if learning is centred around them.

In her role Debbie loves having the freedom to make a difference and influence the day around the children’s motivators and unique personalities.

Married with 3 boys, who are her best friends, Debbie enjoys spending time with the family, enjoying active days out, and being outdoors as a family including camping holidays, where she always has an eye open for resources to bring back to the nursery!