KTB Team – Hayley

  • Piccolo Room Educator
  • Level III Educator
  • Paediatric First Aid Trained

With a dream of combining a love for sport with a career in education Hayley studied sport development at university. However, after an enjoyable experience volunteering in a nursery for a short time, and being offered a permanent position, Hayley began her career in early years in 2008 after finishing university.

For Hayley, the joint learning that takes place when an adult spends quality time with a child makes every day in early years worthwhile. After having her boys, Hayley discovered a passion for the youngest children, with a genuine empathy for how parents feel when they leave their precious babies with a childcare provider, and understanding what an honour it is to have that responsibility.

Hayley loves to just be silly with the children, but always teaching through play, and supporting their unique development. Hayley appreciates the work life balance that she has, fulfilling her needs in her job, and yet being there for her children.

Hayley is an active person, and was once the British Champion for artistic roller-skating. She loves taking her boys to the park, or running around in a game of chase. Hayley also plays the flute to a grade V.