KTB Team – Jane

  • Preschool Educator
  • Senior Level III Educator
  • Paediatric First Aid Trained

In 1999, when her children were young Jane first began volunteering in her local preschool, and loved it; supporting children to learn, recognising how like sponges they absorb all the information that you are able to share with them.

With her two children now young adults, Jane joined KTB Kids in 2019, able to give more dedication to her role, work more hours and make more of an impact on the children she cares for.

She is passionate about child led practice, where you can give a child time to think for themselves, explore, and problem solve. Jane really believes and understands how an opportunity to be flexible around a child’s needs, and not working in a structured way makes the job far more rewarding and the outcomes for children so much greater.

When not cuddling up on the sofa with her daughter watching bake off Jane loves walks with her family, especially if it involves a pub lunch!