KTB Team – Katie

With a passion for imaginative, active and outdoor play Katie understands the importance of investing in a child’s emotional, physical and cognitive development.

With this in mind, Katie launched the project of an independent day nursery in 2014. Katie strongly believes in the values of the nursery and that these are central to the happiness and fulfilment of the children attending.

Quality care is paramount, understanding that this is an industry you enter to make a difference; Katie takes her responsibility to her staff, the families and of the children seriously with genuine effort to do the right thing by all.

Her own 3 children have all been through the nursery, her youngest from 6 months old. Katie’s background is as a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in sports physiotherapy, women’s health and physiotherapist led Pilates.

Katie continues to manage KTB Rehabilitation, a private physiotherapy practice in Bexley but she no longer treats clinically. With a strong interest in supporting children in the 21st century, Katie’s particular enthusiasm is for protecting childhood with the increase of electronic devises and pressures from modern society and she regularly attends conferences and seminars on this topic.

Katie’s eldest son was born with a genetic syndrome and a serious complex heart condition. In January 2021 Katie took the chair position for the Noonan syndrome association, after being an active trustee since 2014.

A blog written by Katie for the charity can be accessed here: https://www.noonansyndrome.org.uk/leading-a-normal-life-with-a-noonans-child/

Katie and her husband enjoy travelling, and the family have spent recent summers in America where they are exploring the national parks from Yellowstone to the Smoky Mountains.