Outdoor Play

Despite not having our own garden at KTB Kids we recognise the importance of outdoor play, and understand that its unique characteristics and features give equal value to indoor learning. Playing outside has a positive impact on children’s well-being and development and every child attending our nursery will enjoy quality time outside every day, which is in fact a legal requirement. Every day our children will participate in an ‘outside adventure’. These organised and well planned trips offer opportunities for holistic learning that includes our journeys to and from our destination. Our nursery practitioners are both attentive and engaging throughout the trip; all are enthusiastic about the outdoors and understand the importance of outdoor learning. This is exceptionally important in order to make the most of the environment which can be adapted in many different ways to utilise the rich range of resources that it provides.

Examples of activities that our children enjoy on the ‘outside adventure’ are:

  • When walking to and from our destination the children complete traffic surveys, splash in puddles, complete letter and number hunts and enjoy listening walks.
  • At the library the children listen to stories, look through books and share stories with their friends. They also participate in the libraries story and rhyme time.
  • When at the park the children climb on the climbing frame, play ball and parachute games, complete treasure and bug hunts, and enjoy doing leaf rubbings, flower pressing and drawing outside.