Positive Parent Partnerships

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”

Jane D Hull

At KTB Kids we foster a nurturing family environment, and we strongly value highly effective positive partnerships with our parents to make this work well.

We welcome parents to our nursery at any time of the day when collecting or dropping of their children to look at our displays, speak to our educators and ask any questions. Our families receive a weekly memo with updates on the week ahead and a snapshot of what is happening in the nursery. We also invite families to several events throughout the year. These include informative workshops and fun celebrations.

Honest feedback has been instrumental in developing KTB Kids day nursery and ensuring that parents are at the heart of decision making to shape practice has been the key to its growth. It is because of an acknowledgement that strong parent partnerships underpin a successful nursery that management genuinely care about what the parents think of the services provided. Whilst you can be immensely proud of the nursery, it is important to acknowledge that this does not mean it is perfect. Management recognize that it is a dedicated commitment to regular audit processes to achieve excellence that drives the company forward and ultimately keeps the children consistently happy, safe and learning. Our management team have a very open door system and are always at hand to reassure and support as required. In addition feedback questionnaires are completed and audited annually.

Parents speak positively about the nursery, and new registrations are often as a result of recommendations, enabling organic growth which can be controlled and managed well.

Popular parent workshops enable us to share our practice and explain how and why we do things the way we do in a fun, practical and informative way. These workshops strengthen a united commitment between our families and our educators to practice consistency and to fully support the children.

Our family celebrations enable our parents to be involved with their children in their nursery day. To see their friends, meet other families and have a nice relaxing time.

2020/2021 Winter Events at KTB Kids – Some of these events are on hold due to Covid-19
Thursday 15th OctoberStaff well beingPractically mindful drop inOpen to all KTB employees
Friday 18th December
Family CelebrationKTB Kids Christmas PartyOpen to all KTB Kids parents and carers
Thursday 14th JanuaryStaff well beingPractically mindful drop inOpen to all KTB Employees
Thursday 21st January
19:00 – 20:00
Parent WorkshopThe journey to school – how the preschool programme at KTB Kids supports children to thrive in schoolOpen to all KTB Kids parents and carers but recommended to all current preschool families
Thursday 11th FebruaryStaff well beingpractically mindful drop in sessionOpen to all KTB employees
Thursday 20th FebruaryCPD EventStorytelling through YogaOpen to all KTB Kids educators