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The classroom at KTB Kids is designed as a space predominantly for the eldest children within the nursery. It is a room where the pre-schoolers can do activities suited to their specific age and stage of development. Ultimately the activities in this room are designed to prepare children for reception year at school. Just like the other areas within KTB Kids, the classroom is divided into 4 zones. The preschool interactive zone has a selection of books for stories and focussed topics. These are supplemented with props to encourage further creative and imaginative play. A computer with child friendly accessories and programmes is also accessible.



The creative zone enables children to freely access a variety of mediums to create artwork and through appropriate mark making develop emerging writing skills. The preschool discovery zone offers messy play activities, focussed activities with adult supervision and direction to challenge children’s learning and development. There is an activity table where activities and games can be accessed to provide challenges with little or no adult support. Finally the preschool imagination zone is an area where children can use role play and / or small world play to develop their literacy and language skills as well developing knowledge of the world. At KTB Kids we offer a 16 week rising fives programme during the summer term with our early years professional practitioner, for children starting school in the forthcoming September.



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