Communication with Parents

At KTB Kids the communication channels are very effective. The parent’s board in reception displays the weekly planning for all rooms, the current menu and any other information that we feel may support parents. Newsletters are issued termly. Twice per year we hold a public event whereby parents, children and staff come together, this is at Christmas and in the summer. We ask for feedback from parents every 6 months so that we can identify what we are doing well, and what we could do better. The decision to extend our opening times to 07:00 from 07:30 was in response to feedback from our parents. Our handovers each day are comprehensive, our practitioners will take the time to give honest, informative and relevant details of your child’s day in nursery. They will happily take the time to answer questions, to reassure, and to explain their planning for your child. These daily handovers also provide the opportunity for parents to share achievements or perhaps concerns at home. The nursery practitioners genuinely care about the children at the nursery and so will be excited about any new milestone and will want to support with any concerns. We believe that our positive collaborative working with parents forms a strong base for the success for our children.