Recruitment and Management

Leadership and management at KTB Kids are strong with ambitious expectations for children and staff continually being set and achieved. Performance management is used to support and develop a skilled, enthusiastic team with a focus on improving the outcomes for children. Research is used to motivate and encourage innovation and to ensure that practices are genuinely beneficial for all children. Learning is monitored to ensure that all children make substantial progress. Senior leaders promote the use of informed observation and other strategies including room and individual planning to monitor children’s activity, development and progress systematically and carefully. Measures are taken to inform, plan and improve practice and provision. This guarantees that the setting is excelling in the teaching of all areas of learning.

At KTB Kids there is a clear recruitment, support and management structure. This not only assures the safety and welfare of the children but also helps with the retention and satisfaction of the nursery practitioners.

The nursery practitioners at KTB Kids are recruited because of their passion for working with and supporting the development of children. They can explain their understanding of the early year’s framework and beyond this their role in influencing child’s development. Working within the nursery at KTB Kids is a dream for enthusiastic, mature and motivated nursery workers who love spending time working alongside and interacting with children.