Recruitment and Retention

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

KTB Kids is a small independent company where reputation is invaluable to its success, and success is heavily influenced by the skills, capability and talent of the team. The management team at KTB Kids work hard to ensure that all employees feel appreciated supported and involved, and as a result there is a united commitment to achieving excellence. It is becoming increasingly recognized that companies that champion social initiatives also improve their employer brand, and ultimately their ability to recruit employees. However beyond this strategies to ensure staff retention within the nursery are demonstrated at KTB Kids, with positive results. This includes a commitment to supporting employees physical and mental health and well-being.

In addition to being fully committed as an equal opportunities employer, KTB Kids promote integrity with a culture of openness and shared information within the team where the importance of promoting both staff happiness and professional development is not underestimated. Regular staff formal feedback systems and a successful open door policy demonstrate that employees do feel valued and agree that their contribution to the nursery is recognized by management. All members of the team work together to achieve the companies’ clear mission statement and staff appreciate the close family network that is created within the organization.

It is well understood at KTB Kids that commercial success depends on the ability to attract, develop and retain a sustainable pipeline of highly engaged employees. High standards in safe recruitment are necessary to bring into the company talented, motivated individuals from a variety and diversity of backgrounds. However, KTB Kids take their responsibilities toward maintaining and investing in growing the talent, knowledge, skills and abilities of existing employees seriously promoting each employees professional development with an ongoing commitment to investment into training. Although each educator is recruited with a certain set of knowledge, skills and abilities, it is acknowledged that the roles and responsibilities of the position will inevitably evolve over time and so ongoing reflection, support and training is necessary. Regular protected performance feedback through key person meetings, supervision and appraisal enables targeted training needs to be identified and met.

In order to recognize the long hours worked by the team, their dedication to the setting and loyalty to the company, employees of KTB Kids receive annual salary increases above inflation, a bonus scheme is in place and flexible working is honoured where possible. The result is a happy, united team committed to the children within the setting and to their role as early year’s educators.

Supporting the emotional wellbeing of all our team