Supporting Sustainability

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
Winston Churchill.

KTB Kids is an organisation that operates responsibly to address social and environmental issues. With an ongoing commitment towards environmental efforts and philanthropy, KTB Kids acknowledge that making decisions that support society as a whole contribute towards a healthier, more prosperous business model in the long term.

The environmental efforts taken by KTB Kids include but are not limited to green purchasing, reducing carbon footprint, reducing paper usage and promoting sustainable food. The resources and furniture within the nursery is sourced from companies who take their responsibilities to the child and environment seriously. Products are purchased that will last, are made from recycled, or sustainably sourced materials and where workers are paid a fair wage for their labour. Almost all of the nursery resources are manufactured in Europe, reducing carbon footprint, there are however some products sourced from developing countries which are always fair traded. The two main suppliers for furniture and resources within the setting both show a strong commitment to ethical standards, these are:

The use of recycling materials for craft and art is dominant within the setting, with process painting an important element of the curriculum, where natural or recycled resources are used over standard paper. When paper is required, a tree-free product is used.

With a strong commitment to ethical, sustainable food choices, KTB Kids are award winning to the highest standards, achieving a gold recognition award from the soil association through the Food for Life Served Here award scheme. More information on this and KTBs commitment to supporting charity can be found here