The KTB Kids Environment

The child focussed ethos of KTB Kids believes that an aesthetically lovely place communicates a respect for childhood and for education. Great emphasis is placed on the caring, family environment within the nursery and feedback from parents supports this. The physical space is designed to be as homelike as possible, with the scale of the space not overwhelming the children. The nursery has up to 50 children per session and the nursery is divided into an upper and lower nursery. In each large room there are there are two spaces. Lower nursery has a space for 3 months to 18 month old babies and upper nursery has a separate space for the eldest children in the nursery. Both areas of the nursery have a quiet and calm sleep room and the nursery has a dedicated nursery kitchen and housekeeper.

Children’s choice is embedded throughout the nursery through nursery design, routines and practices. The furniture is non-prescriptive so that it can be set up to meet the changing interests, and to fit the nursery themes and topics. Toys are predominantly made of natural materials and are deliberately crafted to be relatively unrefined to allow maximum scope for imaginative use as props in children’s play. Resources include wooden unit blocks, large hollow blocks, logs, play silks, shells and pine cones. Skilled, creative nursery educators enhance open ended play by consistently using open ended questioning to children to encourage and develop their imaginative thinking.

Communication is exceptionally well supported throughout all areas of the nursery with a particular emphasis on the enjoyment of books and stories. Educators are always ready to read aloud from a book and encourage open ended creative and interactive storytelling through a puppet show, story sack, song or role play.

Throughout the day educators will work alongside the children to explore topics, often with very creative results. Educators have a deep knowledge of the children and their individual needs ensuring that learning is planned and delivered in ways that enable children to be challenged, and deeply engaged. As a result the children have a genuine interest in learning and show a desire to know more.

The children in the setting are happy, confident and secure with positive attitudes to the nursery. They make significant progress and are respectful of each other. The nursery has clear values so that the children understand what is expected of them. This alleviates any confusion and encourages good behaviour through positive role modelling.