Why a nutritious lunch is key to a successful afternoon’s learning

Here at KTB Kids, our bunch just loves to lunch!

That’s because we put an immense amount of effort into providing freshly prepared, nutritious and tasty food we can be proud of and which our children love to eat.

Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day – the old saying says we should breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper .
Yes, breakfast is important, but so is a slow-burning nutritious lunch, if we are to feed the young minds of our children so they can keep on learning throughout the afternoon. We like to think that. Lunch is always something cooked from scratch, with a pudding so children aren’t hungry and irritable or easily distracted because they have had too much sugar.

In fact, we’re so passionate about the quality of the food we provide, we’ve achieved the highest award from the Soil Association’s Food for Life award, every year since 2015.

Our promise to parents

  • Our menus are based around food that is freshly prepared on site from unprocessed ingredients
  • Our food is free from all things bad including additives, trans-fats and genetically modified ingredients
  • All our food exceeds basic UK Welfare Standards
  • Wholesome, organic ingredients are enjoyed daily
  • We champion local Kent produce and producers

More than 25% of our weekly food spend is on organic ingredients and over 90% of our meals are freshly prepared from scratch. We simply don’t buy pre-cooked food – our meals, snacks and puddings are homemade daily.

We are champions of traditional family values and great importance is placed on our communal mealtimes to encourage good eating habits and healthy choices. Children serve themselves, which helps them to gain control over what they are eating. Although we encourage them to try all the food choices on offer, if there’s too much on their plate they can find it overwhelming. Helping themselves also helps to develop the gross motor skills and co-ordination they’ll need ahead of writing.

All our nursery educators understand how to encourage children at mealtimes and to encourage them into eating up and trying new things too.

Weekly bake-off

A healthy relationship with food and an understanding of how to prepare nutritious meals is immensely important in a child’s life. With the help of our resident nursery housekeeper, Mrs Murphy, we’re making sure this learning process includes a healthy portion of fun too.

All our children aged 20 months and over, are encouraged to get involved in hands-on cooking experiences. By being involved in making their own food, they understand what has gone into their meal, which means they’re more likely to eat it and have a better understanding of what the healthy and unhealthy choices are.

Our 4-week cycle rotates through bread, crumbles, cakes & biscuits and pastry with children learning first-hand how to scrub, measure, pour, mix and knead ingredients, set the table and clear up afterwards. This is all great in developing social emotional development as well as cognitive, language and physical development. Then, the icing on the cake… they get to eat it!

All about the ethics

At KTB Kids, we’re committed to ensuring that the organic food we do invest in is always ethically sourced, it’s part of our overarching sustainability value, seen across the nursery.
We buy local where we can and are keen to serve nutritious food using produce with as smaller carbon footprint as we can.

All the fish on our dishes are sustainable, our eggs are organic, as is our beef, lamb and poultry which enjoy a stimulating environment and space to roam. Our pork is only from pigs born and reared in the fresh air.

Our milk is organic, we promote Fairtrade products including bananas and pineapples and only source products which contain sustainable palm oil and cooking oils which are palm oil free.

We’re also committed to reducing our salt intake and always respect and protect the children’s choices, beliefs and unique dietary requirements.

Our 6-step healthy meal plan

We’re careful to ensure all the food and drink we provide is balanced across each day – 4 portions of starchy food, 7 portions of fruit and veg, 3 portions of dairy or alternatives as well as beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat and other proteins.

  • We plan all our meals and snacks in advance
  • Menus change weekly to include seasonal produce, festivals and special days
  • Every meal and snack meets the Eat Better, Start Better guidelines
  • Menus are planned to include a variety of food, tastes, textures and colours
  • Cultural and dietary needs of all the children are catered for
  • Menus are on display and emailed to parents with feedback encouraged

Food is too important not to be taken seriously and at KTB Kids we are proud of our commitment in providing gold-rated Food for Life standards. We want our children to build healthy relationships with food and understand the importance and benefits of a nutritious diet from an early age. You can find out more about our food values and ethos from our

Nutrition Policy


It’s updated annually to include feedback from both our children and their parents. Let us know how you think we are doing.